The John Rice Charity


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The application procedure


Applications may be made at any time, but will be considered by the trustees only twice a year, in April and October.   To be considered at either of the half-yearly meetings, applications must reach the Clerk by early March or early September.

Applications should be made in writing to the Clerk to the trustees (see below), and applicants will be required to complete an application form providing details of personal circumstances.   A copy of the application form may be printed from this website and completed by hand.   It is not possible to complete and submit the form on line.

Where possible and appropriate applications should be accompanied by:

an estimate, quotation or other written evidence of requirement for the expenditure, and
a letter in support of your application from someone who has responsibility for your work and knowledge of your circumstances.

D.A. Martin, Esq.,
Clerk to the John Rice Charity,
St. Margaret Lothbury,
London, EC2R 7HH


Registered charity no. 289926